Before You Acquire, Reactivate — How to Reactivate Your Dormant Email List (Includes Scripts)

I recently released The Ultimate Email Playbook — 43 Scripts for Startups, my 78-page tome based on my work helping hundreds of startups step up their email marketing game.

Today I wanted to share some templates and further thoughts on one of the biggest problems in email marketing — how to reactivate dormant subscribers.

We’ll start out with a crash course on dormancy in email marketing, and then get into some templates below.


While it’s sexy to acquire new users (just google image search “new user acquisition sexy” and you’ll see what I mean), it’s smarter and cheaper to do as much as you can to reactivate the users and subscribers you already have.


And yet, if it’s so obvious… why is it that most businesses don’t do reactivation, at all?

In looking through my vault of top emails — including many from my email marketing heros — this came as a shocking observation.

I was receiving email after painstaking email, not opening them, and then getting more of the same. For most of these lists, I had become a fully dormant subscriber (more on that definition later), and yet, I was being treated exactly the same as someone who was opening and engaging with every single message. It’s disappointing.

Between 60% – 75% of subscribers on email lists around the world are dormant, meaning those people haven’t opened an email from that list in 6 months to a year.

It seems obvious, but the reality is that very few businesses are proactively re-engaging dormant subscribers, buying into the distracting sex appeal of new user acquisition.

But, healthy growth is about a lot more than top of funnel activities.

If you’re even thinking about reactivation, you’re already ahead of most businesses — and your competition.

Email can be a very effective (but not the only) way to reactivate users for a few reasons:

1. It’s your OWNED channel, not a rented one.

Retargeting works, but it’s pay-to-play. By contrast, it’s basically FREE to send through reactivation efforts via email.

If users have already given you their email addresses (or you’ve acquired them otherwise), wouldn’t you rather work what you already have?

2. It’s one of the most direct channels in your multichannel mix.

Really good reactivation happens on multiple channels at once; you need to create a crescendo effect to overcome the powerful inertia of dormancy.

While email isn’t the only channel to reactivate…

…you should also pull in paid retargeting, SMS and phone where available, and content marketing as a layer on top of it all…

Email is your bread and butter reactivation channel because your message has the potential to go straight to the user (theoretically).

Later on in this post, I’ll set you up with a few actual email templates you can paste in right now to start working on that dormant list.

What’s a “Dormant” subscriber?

You want to send reactivation messages to a dormant segment of your list to move them up the food chain.

Josh Egan’s User States model maps over to email marketing well, even though the exact intervals are longer when it comes to email subscribers.

New ==> Core ==> Casual ==> Marginal ==> New ==> Dormant ==> Resurrected


What counts as “dormant” on an email list?

When it comes to email marketing, keep in mind that not everyone is going to interact with your emails every time you send.

Most people may not even interact within a 28 day window, depending on how frequently you send those messages.

For example, if you only sent 1 this month, and they didn’t open that one message, that doesn’t mean you’ve got a dormant user on your hands.

Instead, subscriber engagement — and dormancy — need to be measured against the actual volume of emails that you send.


“Did they open an email within the last 6 months?”

But instead:

“Did they open one of the last 10 emails we sent them?”

Or whatever number fits for you. It may be fewer than 10, or more, if you’re sending at a higher frequency.

The emails in this next section are designed to wake up users that have fallen dormant.

(Btw, The Ultimate Email Playbook — 43 Scripts for Startups has 43 of these that you can steal immediately.)

TEMPLATE 1: $10 on Amazon


What all’s going on in this template:

1. A paid survey is a great way to do 2 important things at once:

  • It’s an engagement device
  • It collects customer insights

At the end of your survey is a great time to offer people the chance to stay subscribed, or to unsubscribe, like in the earlier two templates in this section.

2. The subject line is full of psychological triggers. It leverages aspiration, authority and psychological anchoring to a big brand (Amazon), and it uses some great hot words: “You/your,” a number, and a dollar sign.

3. Cheaper than acquisition. This is where things become satisfying — you can set the dollar amount based on an estimate of your subscriber acquisition costs. For many businesses, paying $10 for a reasonably engaged subscriber is not a bad deal.

TEMPLATE 2: Are you still doing that?

are you still doing that

What all’s going on in this template:

1. The subject line uses company name personalization (one of my favorite types). When we see our own first name in a subject line, we think… oh, it’s marketing. I don’t know about you, but no friend of mine has ever written me an email with a subject line starting with “Susan…”

2. It’s also really hard to say no to verifying something. “We’re going through our files to organize for the new quarter and wanted to verify…”  If it’s wrong, we get an itchy urge to correct it. If it’s right, we want to reaffirm it. It also doesn’t seem like it’s a sell.

3. It includes a benefits-focused topic. “Are you still interested in email marketing for startups?” gages whether or not the client is still a potential lead.

4. The “>>” draws extras extra attention to the verification landing page that then opts the subscriber into a reengagement funnel.

4 Golden Rules of Email Reactivation

1. You have nothing to lose. These subscribers are dormant already, so you really can’t “alienate” them further by sending them reactivation messages.

2. Choose ONE of these emails to send for reactivation; don’t send all of them because obviously they each reference a one-time question or opportunity.

3. Seek to understand why and when subscribers became dormant so that you can address your dropoff cliffs through remarketing via email and other channels.

4. NEVER DELETE SUBSCRIBERS because you can always use the emails for retargeting.

Prevent Future Dormancy

Now that you’ve done all this great work to reactivate your subscribers, don’t let it happen again.

Understand WHY your subscribers fell dormant, or unsubscribe, in the first place, then fix it.

Here are the 4 ONLY reasons for email list dormancy and/or churn:

1. Poor lead quality.

You didn’t get high quality leads. For example, if you purchased or otherwise acquired a list that’s actually not a good audience match for your product or service.

2. Email frequency too high.

You emailed too much and annoyed them, but instead of unsubscribing, they just went numb and started categorically ignoring all your messages.

3. Email frequency TOO LOW.

Most businesses — but ESPECIALLY startups for some sad reason — harbor a senseless fear of being “spammy.”

This is totally inane because what makes something “SPAM” is not its send frequency but its relevance and authenticity — both things you can easily control while still maintaining an aggressive campaign frequency.

The sad truth is that infrequent emails trigger unsubscribes or “numb out” dormancy just as frequently. They simply can’t remember who you are or why your stuff is relevant to them.

4. Poor email relevancy.

You sent content that was just plain BAD or not targeted. For example, you have been sending campaigns about women’s fashion to a bunch of young male subscribers.

This sounds silly and obvious to avoid, but it’s not always that easy depending on your subscriber acquisition and tracking efforts.


Have you tried data scraping tools?

A friend of mine has recently built (but there are others as well) which scrapes multiple (up to 50+) sources of data based on parameters that you give it, such as someone’s email address or their name. I have had a lot of success finding personal email addresses that way.

Our identities are all tied together in the interconnected Google world… case in point:

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.20.06 AM

Using email addresses to create audiences for ad-based retargeting is the final tool in my reactivation toolbox.

You can do retargeting that’s campaign-specific, offer-specific, or just focused around your brand and building awareness.

If you’re a b2b business, or you otherwise only have people’s work email addresses, you can use a service like RocketReach to match those work addresses to personal, or directly to Facebook UIDs, to set up the foundation for your retargeting efforts.


A dormant list is an unfortunate email marketing reality when you’ve worked hard (or paid lots) to acquire and nurture those subscribers.

But, as with all growth, there’s always something you can do.

Examine and understand your drop-off points — where and why your subscribers are falling asleep on you — and then test out targeted reactivation campaigns like the one above to bring them back.

Remember, you have nothing to lose.

To get more copyable templates (43 to be exact), and learn my other secrets for startup email marketing, and to check out The Ultimate Email Playbook — 43 Scripts for Startups.


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As it is a very visual condition, doctors have been diagnosing acne through images for years. By utilizing the latest in telemedicine, which capitalizes on mobile and web technology to remotely deliver high-quality healthcare services, YoDerm patients are just a few clicks, taps or swipes away from clear, acne-free skin.




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More coverage: Techcrunch

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Inside the 500 Accelerator, Week 0: Growing Fast & Getting (Highly) Uncomfortable

This is the first post in a weekly series from founder Troy Sultan and his team at Resource, currently a part of 500 Accelerator Batch 16. 

Troy will be documenting Resource’s trials and wins throughout Batch 16, so you’ll get an (only mildly censored 🙂 look behind the scenes at the 500 Accelerator. 




It’s crucial we’re on the same page before starting our journey through 500— really, truly on the same page. All elephants out of the room, pain points alleviated, and with a solid plan for how we’ll succeed.

This starts with me and my ability to lead and communicate. I’m vowing now to do a better job keeping us aligned as a team. This as a large piece of my job and responsibility. I’ll put in the work and I need you to do the same. We should keep an open mind and understand this will be a period of growth — not just for the company but for each of us personally. With growth comes discomfort, so let’s embrace it.

This is rough but covers what’s on my mind. It will evolve. Add to it what you feel strongly about, and let’s refine down to a list that guides our behavior/growth through the program. Guiding principles? We’ll only go through an accelerator once, so let’s make the most of it.

We’re here to accelerate our growth, so let’s plan to be uncomfortable as hell.

1. Think long-term

Constantly thinking for the long-term will turn seemingly tough calls into easy ones. It’s not about where we are in the next few months — it’s about where we are in 10, 20, 30 years. We’re playing the long game.

Let’s celebrate small wins but not forget we still have years of work to do.

2. We’re gonna fuck up

We’re new to this and we’ll make mistakes — lots of them. Let’s make them, learn from them and move on. Help each other: if you weren’t the one to get us into the bad situation, be the one who gets us out.

3. TOE: Team Over Everything

It’s us against the world. We should spend our cycles fighting the forces trying to kill us, not fighting each other. The habits we form now will be picked up by everyone who joins us as we grow.

Let’s constantly ask, “are things uncomfortable between us?” If the answer is yes, that’s our trigger to have a discussion. Brushing issues under the rug jeopardizes what we’re creating in the long-term. Let’s “hug the elephant in the room.”

4. First rule of improv: make others look good

Wade — this is my favorite business lesson you’ve taught me. Always make the others look good. Always have each other’s back. This is especially important during 500 where we’ll meet a lot of people and won’t all be present for every conversation.

5. Play to our strengths

Do what we do best; hire for the rest.

We’ll continue to provide value wherever needed, but it’s important we recognize our strengths and develop our roles towards them as we grow, hiring great people where we’re weak.

6. Invest in ourselves

A company is no more than an aggregate of people. So to grow our company, we have to grow ourselves. That means keeping our minds and bodies healthy. If you need a day to clear your head, take it — we’ll cover for you.

We’ll be doing a lot of chair-sitting, caffeine-drinking and screen-staring. If you feel shitty physically, you’ll feel shitty mentally.

Go for runs, do walking meetings, whatever feels right. Get comfortable. Let your quirks develop.

7. Don’t get caught up in the SV circle jerk

Lots of shiny things will beg for our attention. Let’s not forget why we’re here: to build an impactful company. Let’s be uber-supportive of our batchmates but avoid getting caught up in doing what’s trendy. We’ll raise when we’re ready; we’ll hire when we’re ready — regardless of what everyone else is doing or saying.

Let’s have fun but let’s stay focused.

8. Listen to everything, but act selectively 

We’ll be surrounded by smart people with great ideas. If we listen to them all, we’ll drown. We each have to choose what to use and what to ignore.

Let’s be exceptional listeners but pride ourselves on doing only what’s important.

9. Always be recruiting

The three of us are just the seed. The most impactful way we can ever spend our time is convincing the smartest, most well-aligned people we know to join our journey. Let’s never let recruiting be “outsourced” to a team in the corner.

If we successfully build this into the DNA of the company, it’ll be a competitive advantage in the long-run.

10. Trust our instincts

Data is important and we’ll rely on it plenty. Equally important though, is vision. But game-changing ideas don’t come from micro-experiments.

Trust the future we see. Testing and user feedback will only help optimize the route we take to get there. We know our business will change so let’s build for the mission, not just today’s iteration.

11. Stay proactive

If we let them, the daily firefights will steal our cycles. Let’s allocate time to get ahead — and protect it.

Let’s dedicate time for talking about the future. Pulling our heads out of the weeds regularly and letting ourselves dream will prove tremendously important.

12. Do it for the story

 TroySultan2Whether we succeed or fail, the time we’re spending now, together, will be a chapter in our life story. Let’s fill it with things we’ll be proud of later.

It’ll be hard. We’ll mess up. Let’s keep our heads up and our grind on and we’ll accomplish exactly what we’re after. It’s just a matter of time.


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Countdown to Venture Capital Unlocked – 4 spots left

Its T minus 2 weeks until our next session of Venture Capital Unlocked: Secrets of Silicon Valley Investing.

We are currently in the final stages of selecting participants for our joint program with the Stanford Center for Professional Development that runs Feb 8th – 19th. As of now, there are only four spots left (apply here.)

Speaker List


vcu_banner-original-2 (1)

Our visiting instructor and speaker list so far includes:

  • Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures)
  • David Hornik (August Capital)
  • Judith Elsea (Weathergage Capital)
  • Tim Draper (Draper Fisher Jurvetson)
  • Jason Calacanis (Launch,
  • Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures)
  • Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC)
  • and many others

Speakers will be opening up to program participants about the challenges they’ve faced in early stage tech investing, including how to access to deal flow, which companies to say “no” to, how they built out star portfolios, and how they’ve helped the world’s top companies grow and scale.

The group of participants is once again shaping up to be a diverse representation of the future of venture capital.


Week 1 

  • An overview of the venture capital industry and recent trends
  • Individual investment theses
  • A look at how to assess opportunities and select companies
  • Hear from experts from various verticals, who will be sharing their investment theses and portfolios.

Week 2 

  • Deep dive into the details of how to build an accelerator or set up a fund
  • Visits to top accelerators and VC funds in the Valley in order to see a range of approaches.

Throughout the program, participants will be working with real companies that are currently fundraising and will have a chance to interact with founders at Preview Day and Demo Day.

They will be undertaking a deeper analysis of the pitches with the guidance of Stanford professors and 500 partners, and may even decide to write a few checks.

The week culminates with participants presenting the projects they worked on throughout the program as well as a certificate ceremony.

Check out the preliminary agenda here.

Program Leadership

The program will be led by faculty from Stanford Center for Professional Development (Mike Lyons, Michael Lepech and Pedram Mokrian) and 500 Startups’ managing partners Dave McClure and Bedy Yang.

There are 4 spots remaining. Apply at

Finally, while the most of the material will not be recorded or available to the public, here’s one sample from last year’s program with guest speaker Jason Calacanis.

In this video, Jason reveals what a new investor needs to do to become someone who gets chased by deals, and not the other way around.

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Announcing Distro Dojo Malaysia 2016

Growth marketing is about to blow up Southeast Asia — again.

IMG_4046 (1)500 Distro’s 10 week Distro Dojo growth program for post-seed companies is now accepting applications for the Spring 2016 cohort in Kuala Lumpur, from March 1 through May 15.

Startup life in Southeast Asia isn’t all just coconuts and laksa.

Technology adoption is exploding in Southeast Asia — at a rate that eclipses the (seemingly rapid) changes mature Western markets are logging.

Customer needs — and the channels to reach them — adapt fast, which makes rapid and innovative growth marketing experimentation extra critical for Southeast Asia’s startups.

Our fall cohort brought in 7 companies from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to work hard on growth optimization and scale, under the guidance of the 500 Distro team and local mentors, including pros from Facebook, Google and

Real growth is a process that can’t — and shouldn’t — be confined to a 10-week bootcamp.

But, intensive sprints, with access to master practitioners, DO set companies up with the virtuous cycle of growth experimentation and optimization that they’ll need as they grow (even) more.

Below a few wins from our inaugural Distro Dojo in Southeast Asia, in partnership with MaGIC who generously provide space and facilities at their Cyberjaya campus, and help support operations.


At the end of this post, you’ll find more details on how to apply. 

GrabTaxi is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing taxi and private car booking app, and is the region’s unicorn with their $250M Series D round.

Though already a high-growth, later-stage company, GrabTaxi used their time in the Distro Dojo to improve paid-acquisition and optimizing unit economics, and ended the program with 36% MoM new user growth in Malaysia alone.


Bukalapak is an Indonesia-based online consumer-to-consumer marketplace with over $80M in transactions during 2014, mainly in fashion, gadgets and hobbies

35% of Indonesia (with it total population of 250 million people) does its purchasing via smartphones. Bukalapak has created a multi-platform, multi-vertical e-commerce experience specifically designed to win in this market.

As part of the Dojo, Bukalapak received hands-on product and new user acquisition help and logged a 33% increase in on-site conversions, 66% increase in new app installs while simultaneously reducing CPA by 58%.


Kitabisa is a fundraising platform for social causes, and is Indonesia’s first platform connecting causes with transacting donors online.

The company grew their campaigner user base grew by 10X by the end of the program.


KFit is a mobile app that provides access to fitness studios in 6 cities across Asia Pacific: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, with plans of expanding to 20 cities in the next 18 months.

During the Dojo, KFit focused on their customer acquisition and reduced their cost-per-install by 70%.


Monkimun is a language learning platform for kids, with good traction at over 1M users.

Monkimum worked on increasing engagement and retention of their user base and ended the program with a 68.5% increase in retention and 100% increase in in-app engagement metrics as a results of a relentless pace of product and UX optimizations, other later-funnel growth optimizations, and off-app support through email.

Next academy

Next Academy is a coding school focused on freelancers and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

By focusing on operationalizing their customer acquisition, including experiments with offline growth techniques, Next Academy were able to 2X revenue in 10 weeks.


Shoppr is a personalized fashion discovery and purchase app with strong tie-ins to regional fashion bloggers and influencers, and one-click from browse to purchase.

The company focused on  retention and engagement techniques during the Distro Dojo, and were able to grow their weekly active users by 50% week-over-week consistently while also growing in-app engagement at a steady rate of 15%.

Here more about the Dojo experience.


If you’re a post-seed, pre-A startup with proven product-market fit, ability and desire to strongly prioritize growth during the full 10 week program, and are focused on the ASEAN region, apply here:


Kuala Lumpur Skyline photo: CFI

Where Are They Now?

We’re excited to announce the return of our flagship VC training program, Venture Capital Unlocked: Secrets of Silicon Valley Investing (formerly called IGSVI). 500 Startups, in partnership with the Stanford Center for Professional Development, will be once again running this popular two-week program. In this program, individuals will learn 500s investment playbook and gain firsthand access to world-famous Silicon Valley VCs, Angels, SV startups and entrepreneurs (including 500’s portfolio). This session will run from February 8-19, 2016. For more information and to apply, please visit:

500 Diversity Scholarship

We’re pleased to announce that we will be offering several 12K scholarships to selected investors from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented in venture capital, including women and candidates from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and geographies. Candidates must have an investment budget of less than 1M to qualify for the Diversity Scholarship.

In the spirit of recognizing some of our diverse participants (and hopefully encouraging more to apply), we’ve highlighted three women that have taken their careers to new heights with the applied knowledge of this program. In the third part of this series, we sat down with Katherine Hague, Creator of Female Funders and Co-Founder of ShopLocket.

PAM_5190 (1)

Katherine Hague (@Katherinehague) Creator of Female Funders and Co-Founder of ShopLocket. Read more about her community of female angel investors here.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and now split my time between Toronto and San Francisco.

I started my first venture-backed company 4 years ago at the age of 21. It was made possible by my first angel investor who put $10,000 into the company. That investment was the money we needed to launch. We went on to join an accelerator and raise a venture capital round from investors like Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, and ultimately sold the company just two years later, when I was 23.

After selling my company I started doing a little bit of angel investing. I heard about VC Unlocked and the scholarship program for women and applied right away. I saw the program as a great way to fill in some of the gaps in my understanding of the VC world, to build my network, and to build my confidence as an investor.

Female-Funders-4 2

What are you working on now?

Coming into the VC Unlocked program I knew my passions centered around supporting female entrepreneurs and investors. While 18% of startups today are led by women, only 2.7% of venture capital funding goes to female CEOs. The same similarity biases that hurts women today when they are pitching to male VCs could help change the numbers if we get more women on the other side of the table as investors.

Coming out of VC Unlocked, I decided to take my passion to the next level and launched Female Funders as a community for female angels. Since launching in August, the project has been featured by Techcrunch, MarketWatch, Levo League, and Forbes to name a few. Today the community has over 750 members and we’re on a mission to get 1000 women to make their first investment by Fall 2016. We have interviewed some of the biggest names in angel investment, are running an 8 city breakfast series in the new year, launched the first online Angel School for female investors, and even started writing a book for O’Reilly Media — “Funded: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Your First Round “— which will be coming out early 2016.

It has been a whirlwind and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the VC Unlocked community!

Are you using any of the concepts taught at the program in your work today?

Yes! The program really helped me understand the inner workings of syndicates and venture funds, which has help enormously as we look to scale the Female Funders network. Everything we learnt around sourcing deals, typical valuations, different global markets, and portfolio building has also been very helpful in directing my personal investments and has helped guide the development of the Female Funders resources offered to our community.


If you had to name one key outcome of the program, what would that be?

I am a more confident investor. I’m less worried that there is some secret to venture capital investing that I am missing. I also feel like I am really part of the 500 Startups community. The VC Unlocked class and the 500 Startups partners have been very supportive every step of the way. I feel honored to be part of such an incredible group.

What advice do you have for a women who are interested in becoming investors?

Writing your first check can seem scary, but it’s also one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have. Investing in early stage companies is about so much more than just financial return. It’s a way to build your network, to learn about new industries, and to change the world. Start small, but the most important thing is to get started. Programs like VC Unlocked will give you the network and confidence you need to get started.

Missed the first and second part of this series? Learn more about Paula Schwarz and Pocket Sun’s journeys after completing VC Unlocked.